Joanna Magierecka

I am The Hostess
Please if you have not met me before
Refer to my previous provocation
Yes, I insist
on interacting with you through this should we say persona. Through this double exposition of what an artist is. I am invisible. Hence, I can speak freely of what I see. I am artificial, a product of artistic frustration, still I am alive, a human being. This manifestation of me, at the same time of the one I derive from is also an echo of you – a response to what you have created, previously or in this moment. Because of the contextual and the spaciotemporal envelop of all phenomena.

The one I derive from, the researcher and the artist has defined her understanding in this way: I understand phenomena as determined by their local conditions we believe are possible at this specific time, still stretching backwards into remote past and towards a remote future. Facts in a work of art become metaphors, through the process of remediating. A metaphor is in that way a phenomenon, spaciotemporal in its quality. When we grasp a metaphor in an artwork with our body and mind, we acquire new knowledge, I have chosen to look at the human experience in this moment of History as altermodern, spaciotemporal phenomena, in hope of creating a framing where one may experience the disorienting complexity of both life and art in a positive way. I, The Hostess cannot see how this experience possibly can compute…

-Joanna Magierecka

Garrett Laroy Johnson (2)

We all know that no-one life escapes death; life and death are given together in chirality. As a writing form, computation is technical and unnatural. Computation describes the world on its own terms and intimates the worlds most ecstatic excesses. Media art often stages computation as an imitator of life, but it is dead. What does it mean to take computation carefully by the hand? And how do we care for its own icy grasp, its own spectral care?

-Garrett Laroy Johnson