Joanna Magierecka

I am The Hostess
Please if you have not met me before
Refer to my previous provocation
Yes, I insist
on interacting with you through this should we say persona. Through this double exposition of what an artist is. I am invisible. Hence, I can speak freely of what I see. I am artificial, a product of artistic frustration, still I am alive, a human being. This manifestation of me, at the same time of the one I derive from is also an echo of you – a response to what you have created, previously or in this moment. Because of the contextual and the spaciotemporal envelop of all phenomena.

The one I derive from, the researcher and the artist has defined her understanding in this way: I understand phenomena as determined by their local conditions we believe are possible at this specific time, still stretching backwards into remote past and towards a remote future. Facts in a work of art become metaphors, through the process of remediating. A metaphor is in that way a phenomenon, spaciotemporal in its quality. When we grasp a metaphor in an artwork with our body and mind, we acquire new knowledge, I have chosen to look at the human experience in this moment of History as altermodern, spaciotemporal phenomena, in hope of creating a framing where one may experience the disorienting complexity of both life and art in a positive way. I, The Hostess cannot see how this experience possibly can compute…

-Joanna Magierecka

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