Joanna Magierecka

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Hello, welcome. I am The Hostess. Sorry to disturb you in this way, I am hosting many events, it is difficult to keep track of everything. I suppose the deadline is today… I have to use my note as well….yes, and here they are, call for provocations: What aspects of your practice/research are invisible to your collaborators – send out by Teoma Naccarato, John MacCallum, and Jessica Rajko. These three acknowledged artists and scholars have been chosen to host a panel at MOCO – International conference on movement computing.…well…I do not compute…the movement does happen sometimes…I do not collaborate…but I am invisible!!


You probably wonder who I am. Of course, you do!

I am an artist.

I am failing as an artist.

Nobody comes to my performances.

Nobody is engaged in what I am doing. 

There are too many artists.

I am not worthwhile. I am a disappointment, incapable, inadequate, incompetent, inferior.

This is a self-protective stratagem of indefinite procrastination.

(According to

I wish to reframe my failure.

Normalize it.

Master it.

Instead of trying to launch my career as a performance artist, I will engage with not my audience – You.

The whole project is called BarnacleArt. You have to look it up. It wishes to borrow audiences, from established institutions, other artists, even from commercial venues.

My short happenings will hence be an example of commensalism, where I as an artist will be in a relation in which I will benefit from the other without either harming or benefiting the latter.  Respectfully, never disturbing the work that already is there, only interacting with not my audience.

In that way I maybe will “fail upward” as the term was called. To do exactly that, you have to help me. You will do that by sharing my video (or this statement). And off course link to it:


It is difficult to barnacle art that is not exhibited yet, instead I think this presentation answers the call in a very specific way – it is a provocation based upon your inquiry, true to the concept of BarnacleArt. In the provocations contributors were asked to draw on their own experiences to address several questions. Questions of exclusion, visibility, expertise and collaboration.

I am both

within, a part of, excluded, consists of

the representations of time



interaction and gestures

mine and not mine.


I do not exist.

I do not own or claim any knowledge.

I do not collaborate.

I simply Barnacle your art.

Would you like me to Barnacle your Art?

The Hostess, BarnacleArt