Linda Lewett

Film: Linda Lewett
Multi-media performance: Maida Withers
Performers: Audry Chen, Anthony Gongora, Nikolai Shchetnev, Maida Withers
Music on Film: Solovtida Samosad Band
Photography: Dianne Falk

Nature cycles through destruction and creation just as ‘good’ and ‘evil’ coexist in human nature. Apparent opposites (or reverse sides of a mirror) coexist to fan the flames of life.  Is it foolish to waste energy fighting back? or does the struggle create the energy required for movement?  Perhaps Good and Evil are outmoded concepts in light of new understanding of materialism. Attached media was created to promote solo performance by provocateur dancer choreographer Maida Withers; based on themes in Solzhenitsyn, materiality of memory, and the absurd relationship between the leaders of Russia and the USA.

-Linda Lewett,

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