Jaime del Val

A fundamental and underestimated aspect of any embodied experience, including performance, is proprioception, the internal sense of movement of the body, which actually is always in relation to a larger environment, it has a molecular, diffuse and swarm-like movement, connecting to all sensing modalities, for which I call it an alloceptive swarm accross a transmodal sensory continuum. We are always inside this field-swarm, cannot measure it from an outside, it doesn’t move in a pregiven space-time but generates non-linear spacetimes, it doesn’t displace but creates fields of endless internal torsions and tensions, fields of elasticity and vibrancy, of rhythmic indeterminacy. Such Movement is irreducible to algorithms, if we understand algorithms as discrete movement segments that can be codified and recodified. It’s the substrate for a Body Intelligence (BI) that can defy reductive paradigms of disembodied, mental, algorithmic AI. Performance can be a field and process of experimentation that mobilises BI. Creating conditions for the flourising of such perceptual fields, without attempting to reduce them, would be an essential challenge for the design of non-reductive, non-control oriented digital ecologies, and for a neurodiverse and plural culture, for a perceptual democracy to come.

-Jaime del Val

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