The Provocations Project involves a series of open calls for provocations on questions posed from within and as part of cross-disciplinary communities related to movement, music, and computing. The goal of this project is to draw out and care for differences that have come to matter within and between disciplinary motives, methods, and modes of articulation.

We seek not only provocations, but provocations upon provocations, inciting an iterative process of folding voices into one another, and exploring multiplicity within our ways of thinking, making, moving, and relating. Provocations can take many forms: text, images, video, sound, mixed media, and are shared online, as well as via ongoing events.

Open Calls for Provocations – Submit your own!

Each question posed as part of the Provocations Project is meant to spur dialogue, as well as self-reflexivity, regarding differences that have come to matter within and between cultures of practice and research over time. Once launched, these calls remain open indefinitely, inviting contributions on a rolling basis to iteratively (re)configure the contours of our shared discourse.

To date, the Provocations Projects has launched calls for provocations on the following questions:

We want to hear from everyone… students, artists, scientists, philosophers, robots…

Click on the questions above to visit the main site for each. These sites host the growing collection of provocations, and provide information about how to submit your own!

Iterations of the Provocations Project

Provocations @ SloMOCO 2021

Presently, in the context of SloMoCo 2021, Teoma Naccarato, John MacCallum, and Jessica Rajko are inviting past contributors as well as new participants far and wide to (re)visit the entire pool of provocations from over the years. Between March and December 2021, there are several ways to get involved with the Provocations Project @ SloMoCo: first, you can browse, discuss, and iterate on past provocations via our Discord channel; second, you can submit your own provocation here; and finally, please check out our ongoing events such as curated conversations and public roundtable discussions with the ‘provocateurs’. To join us, visit: http://slomoco21.provocations.online.

Provocations @ MOCO 2019

At MOCO 2019, Teoma Naccarato, John MacCallum, and Jessica Rajko launched a call for provocations in response to the question: what aspects of your practice are (in)visible to your collaborators? Drawing from this pool of provocations, five ‘provocateurs’ were invited to take part in a Panel Discussion on the theme of generative tension in cross-disciplinary collaboration. All events related the Provocations Project at MOCO 2019 are documented at: https://moco19.provocations.online.

Provocations @ MOCO 2018

The Provocations Project was launched in 2018 by Teoma Naccarato and John MacCallum in the context of the Conference on Movement and Computing (MOCO) in Genoa, Italy. This iteration of the Provocations Project focussed on the question of: what escapes computation in interactive performance? In addition to the sharing of provocations at the conference and online, eight ‘provocateurs’ were invited to take part in a Panel Discussion, drawing on their provocations as a starting point for generative discourse and exchange. All events related the Provocations Project at MOCO 2018 are documented at: https://moco18.provocations.online.

The Provocations Team

The Provocations Project is currently coordinated by Teoma Naccarato, John MacCallum, and Jessica Rajko, drawing on their hybrid backgrounds in contemporary dance, music, and computing, as well as performance philosophy and critical theory.

From the outset, the trajectory of the Provocations Project has remained intentionally fluid, such that ongoing iterations may be (in)formed by the needs and desires of the communities in which it grows. The project leadership is likewise open to ongoing reconfiguration to invite new voices and visions into the mix.